Rum Sanitizer Spray 16 ounce

Key West First Legal Rum Distillery 105 Simonton St. Key West FL 33040

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Rum Sanitizer Spray 16 ounce

This sanitizer spray is 70% alcohol and can be used to sanitize hands or a variety of surfaces. Dries clean without residue. 

By law we are only allowed to ship 1 bottle per package, so the limit is 1 bottle per purchase. However, you may make multiple separate purchases if you need multiple bottles. 

Also by LAW, we must ship this item via “ground” shipping, as it contains a “controlled substance” (alcohol). Ground shipping can take up to 30 days, however, most packages arrive within 1-2 weeks from shipping date. 

For sanitizing surfaces, please use a test spot first to ensure that the product will not cause damage to the surface/material. 


Ingredients: High Proof Rum, Transmission Gel

From our Legal Rum Crew: Stay safe & well ❤️